There's Nap Time, Then There's Work
Time For My Nap
(Shhhhh) Don't say nothing but I think I am a LITTLE SPOILED... LOL
As you can see I am a Growing boy. And in order to get my Growing in I need my Beauty Sleep. Mom had come in here while I was laying down so I decided to lay my head down in her lap and went to sleep. While I was laying there Misty Rain thought I needed my ears cleaned too, that is her at my back side. And so far since I have been here mom and I have grown close. She has been working me in the Round Pen now for awhile. At first I sure didn't like it much. Had a stubborn streak in me for awhile, but after I caught on as to what she wanted me to do I have been doing Great and she is so Proud of me. She has even Trimmed my feet for me for the First time too. That I wasn't sure about either. Took her awhile to get them done but now that they are done I sure feel better too. She has even been taking a razor to my face now and it don't scare me no more either but sometimes it tickles.
I guess you could say I am learning alot now but the one thing I sure don't like and that is maybe because I am a boy and boys like to be DIRTY, The Dreadful Bath.
Well guess that is all I can say for now will keep ya all INFORMED on my Progress.

March 24, 2002
Nap Time Is Over
Time To Work Now
Well Nap Time is over now and Mom has me in the round pen.
When I go in there I know I better be paying attention to what Mom has to say. There is where we go for all my lessons and the first lesson I had was to respect her. With me being a little stubburn at first took me awhile to figure out what I was supose to do, but now we work really well together out there.
Soon we will be getting ready for more shows.
Well have more later now that I have had my work out for the day time for my nap...LOL.
Growing Up
This time mom is teaching me it is not all that bad to be wearing a saddle.
By the third day I was so content I layed down and mom she took a seat.
I really don't mind my mom on my back.
Well catch ya all up on more later.
Well here I am in training again and Shetan as my teacher as well. Mom had me going all over the place, down the highways as well. Found out nothing was gonna hurt me and she even put Sunny on me for a ride. He loves to take rides to. When Spring gets here I am sure I will be doing more of this but with Mom on my back instead. Will keep ya all informed on my progress.

November 9, 2002
First Riding Lesson
Well here I am again, this time under saddle. This was my first day. Not to sure about all this right now, but I think I am getting the hang of it. Just have to have some more practice at this. Mom told me that this year I was gonna be doing alot more work and I see now she was right. Mom has already taken me out to a place called Cooper Lake and there she just ponied me next to Shetan but I did good out there to. Crossed a bridge and went through mud and water, up and down hills too was fun.
Well keep ya all informed on how I am doing. So talk to ya later.