Poems I Have Written

Do not weep, for I am not gone
I am still with you, in Spirit and love
Just look towards the sky.
behold... what you see I live on in your heart
And forever will be.
I am of the wind, the storm in the sky,
I am the clouds that so slowly float by.
I am the gold rays , the warmth of sun,
I am the rain, and rainbows end.
Do not Weep,
For I feel no pain
I now run free,
One With the Wind I lay and I sleep,
I bask in the Sun.
I romp in Lush Meadows
Drink from Sparkling Blue Streams
graze in tall grasses that dance in the breeze.
Do Not Weep, For I am not gone
I am still with you In Spirit and Love

Copyright ~2002 D.Enise
The Spirit Of Horses