Poems I Have Written
The morning sun painted a red desert sky,
Praises and prayers were chanted on high.
Whispering winds moved over the land,
Restlessly shifting the parched, white sand.

The sky grew dark, from crimson to gray,
Shadowy clouds mounted in swirling arrays.
Torrents of sand eclipsed the sun,
Earth and Sky became as one.

From this mystical play of Earth and Sky
Came a shrieking, thundering, mighty cry -
Like the shrieking call of a million birds,
Like the thundering hoofs of a mighty herd.

Swiftly this tempest of swirling sand
Raced the lightning across the land.
Then God reached out, seizing this whirlwind force,
And from its fury formed the Arabian horse.

The creature's beauty was unsurpassed,
Its gait elegant, its speed lightning fast.
Intelligent, graceful, a regal force -
God's masterpiece, the Arabian horse.

© 2000 James L. Manniso
The Legend of the Arabian Horse