Special Friend
This Poem was written for a Very Special Friend many years ago.
She was always there when I needed her, so I thought that I should write a peom for her.
Thank You Colleen, For Always Being There.
For all the times I needed you,
You were always there.
Your someone I can confide in,
And tell my secrets to.
Your someone who shows you care.
And when I'm feeling down,
You manage to bring me up again.
Even when I whine at you,
You still lend me your shoulder and ear.
You tell me things that's hard to do,
You always understand.
Sometimes it might be hard,
But that's what Friends are for.
And when I'm gone and far from here,
You in my Heart will always be near,
and Dear to me.
Cause you are A Very Special Friend,
That's what Friends are for.
*** Koda ***
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