I am a 23 year old Egyption Arabian Stallion.
I have been with my Mom now since I was a year old. She and her girlfriend Sandy had come to pick me up in Goshen Indiana. When I had arrived at my new home, there was Sabiann, and she had a new baby at her side and she took me in as hers too for awhile. Made my trip a little easier on me just being away from my Mother for the first time too. My Mom here and I are really close, and there is nothing that I wouldn't do for her.

When I was 3 years old, I had a bad accident with a pack of wild dogs. They had torn my left hind leg up bad, tore a tendon completely in two. Mom was so upset, she didn't know what to do. Called the vet out, and all they could do was keep me in a stall. Didn't really like that too well, but I knew it was for my own good. Kinda boring to be in a stall all the time. I spent a year in there. Mom worked really hard with me and I knew she really Loved me cause at the time the only answer the vet could give was to have me put down. When Mom seen fit she would take me for short walks outside, just long enough for me to get my strength back up to par. After being in for all that time and Mom felt it was time for my training, she has been my only rider and trainer.

When we moved to Texas, she then taught me how to run barrels and poles. I am not really fast at it, but like I said there isn't nothing that I wouldn't do for my Mom. We do a lot of trail riding when we can. Now that I am retired from barrel racing I just kinda do my own thing around here.
Change Of Color
Once a year I get a hair cut. Mom gives me a full body clip and it sure looks nice when it is done. Helps me to get rid of my winter coat sooner too. When it is all done though it gives me a different look cause it changes my color till it grows back out.
Black Shetan Star
March 23, 1987– December 5, 2013
Helping out in a training session
Last Barrel Race he did
Taking me down the  Aisle on my Wedding Day
Feeling his oats and letting me know he still has it
Being used in Clinic  for showing how to shod a horse
This is one of the hardest Pages I have had to do. Shetan was my go and do it all. I had gotten him when he was just a few months old and have been his only rider and trainer his whole life. When he was 3 years old we had a pack of wild dogs attack him during the night. The next morning he let out a yell from way out in pasture I went out to him to find him bleeding badly, The pack had severed his tendon in two. I ended up stalling him for a year in which  he had his leg soaked and bandaged twice a day for a really long time. It got to the point that when he would see me coming in with the bucket of water that he would raise his leg for me as if to say o.k. here it is mom. During that year we grew very close to each other. There wasn't nothing that he wouldn't try to do for me after that. But one thing for sure he refused to even think he was gonna have another rider on his back that just wasn't gonna happen. There were just so many things we had done together. We rode in several Parades and carried the Flag as well. We even rode in The Mint Festival Parade in North Judon Indiana in which is the picture up above with him made into a Unicorn. There was a small boy there that really thought that he was a Unicorn to. He even won in the costume class as a Unicorn in Francesville Indiana. During our time in Indiana we did a lot of trail rides to a lot of different places and he seemed to enjoy them all. Then when we moved to Texas he kinda had to learn a whole new life for that was when I started riding in the rodeos there. He learned how to run the barrels and poles and a lot of many different other patterns to that they had for us to do. We still did a lot of camping trips to in Texas as well. Shetan was my lock smith there wasn't a lock he couldn't unlock. Once a friend of mine and I went to take a camping trip her and I and during the night Shetan untied his lead and was grazing out and all around the camp ground. One of the campers out there got him and brought him back. He did a few Parades there to in Kaufman Texas. After retiring Shetan from Barrel racing we just did  the short rides around the area and I can honestly say I rode my horse to go to work. I used to work not far down the road from where I lived and I would ride him to work and back home after work. He even had his own private stall for him when we got there. Then when we moved to Flagstaff Arizona he really had it easy. A lot of room to run on 40 acres. With his age he had a lot of babysitters as we called it out here. It seemed that all the horses would take their turns in staying with him close by keeping an eye on him. He had us buffaloed when it was time to turn everyone out to the big pasture he would stay behind and wait for one of us to specially lead him on out and then sometimes well enough that he would get to stay behind and have his own little bit of extra hay for the day while the others were out on their own. Where I live we have what the call open range in which the ranchers here can let their cattle roam any where. And sometimes they would end up on our property so he was one that it didn't matter if it was midnight I could go grab him and we would head all the cattle back out off the property to where they belonged. Then we would come back home and life went on again.

Thought I would add a few more things that happened in his life. When I first moved to Texas I had never done the rodeo stuff in my life time all I had ever done was horsemanship showing and halter classes. So both of us being green at running the barrels as it was one night on the second barrel I went over his shoulder and from what I was told the next day for I was in a cat scan at hospital when I woke up was when I came off he stopped and froze standing over me. The people there were like now what do we do and one of my friends there said he is a stallion so no one had place set up for him to be at so my friend and her son loaded him up and took him home for me. After that accident with the barrels he was really hesitant in wanting to run them for about 2 months then he was back to his old self again running and winning. Then we tried our hand at team penning...lol. the first go round went like a piece of cake but the second one as they said was like slow motion I was heading over shoulder and landed on my butt on the ground as my partner looked to see if I was alright told him go get them calf's we were fine. Shetan stood there and waited for me remount and finish our run.

While out on a trail ride one time he saved my life by stomping on a rattle snake that was close to me.

His last few days he just knew it was his time, we had gone to get firewood and when we left he was out in the big pasture and was laying down by the big juniper tree and was still there when we had gotten back that night, so we decided to leave him out to himself to have his own pile of hay. the next day we thought we would leave him in the small pasture while the others were out in the big one but he went to the far end and laid down again. Knowing this is not a normal thing for him to do we decided to put him in the corral up by the house. He seemed to be doing fine, was eating and the night before he past he was standing in the stall and I told him eat all he wanted. He gave me that look and I went in with him and brushed him down again and told him I loved him. The next morning he left and went to the Rainbow Bridge and one day I will see him again.
Until then he is so greatly missed.

There may be more things for me to remember that I will try to add later.