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Shamir's Golden Nugget
Shamir was one of the first Afghan Hounds that I had owned. She was a pistol at times too. Always wanting to go for a ride in the car, or in the back of the pickup truck. It didn't matter to her as long as she was able to go somewhere, even if it was just for a ride around the block. Sometimes we would leave our car windows down, and when we weren't looking, and we couldn't find her, all we had to do was look in the car, because that is where she would be waiting for us to take her somewheres. Shamir and I would sometimes go down to the beach, because one of her favorite things she liked to do was go swimming. She really Loved the water, so I would let her go in for awhile. Then we would come home and call it a day. When she would go out in the boat with us, the first thing she would do is jump in the water for a swim. She was also one like Samantha. Samantha is the Afghan Hound that we have now. When it comes to Mothering something, she sure did that well too. Didn't matter to her what it was either. Any critter that I would bring home, she thought it was hers to take care of. One time I had a cat that had kittens and she took over the whole litter and of course, Momma Cat had to let her do it. There is alot more that I could tell you about her, but then I could go on for ever about her too. She had passed away at the hands of a neighbor, whom we had found out later, had poisoned her.
She is GREATLY MISSED BY ALL. There are times that I can still feel her presents.
We also know she is waiting for us to greet her at The Rainbow Bridge .