I am a Pigmy Goat. It's kinda funny how I became a member of this family.
Well you know how it is when you go to an Auction Sale.
Well there I was up on the table, and I guess Mom had told Dad that I was cute, imagine that.
When Mom wasn't paying attention, and well Dad went and bought me before Mom knew anything.
Sure surprized her. The ride home sure was different too.
Mom held me in her lap all the way home in their car.
When I got there I sure got one heck of a surprize myself.
There was this big dog standing there looking at me. Her name is Samantha.
She just kinda adopted me as her own right away too. She sure is good to me.
Now I have my own back yard to play in, and even have my own little house too.
Sorry that I have to let ya all know that Shaker has passed away.
He became ill all of a sudden and we took him to the vet.
In turn he found a tumor in which was causeing him alot of pain.
So we had to have him put to sleep so he would not suffer anymore.
For it had grown into his bladder so nothing he could do for him.
Passed away July 11, 2005