Sassy Frass
Mom and Dad had brought me home from a Wal-Mart parking lot.
I came here in Febuary 1997.
Mom had just picked me up, and told the man she's got a home now. She had named me Sassy as soon as they had gotten in the car.
Little did she know that, that name would fit me to a tee.
I Love my New Mom Very Much.
I used to help Mom out here on her computer.
Now that I am older I just kinda stay to myself.
 Alex May Lee keeps Mom busy now getting into things.
Nope, I am not Spoiled....*SMILE*
Sassy Frass
Hiding In Cabinet
Sassy Frass
Hiding In Desk
Muffie Sue
Sleeping With Sassy Before She Passed Away

Sassy Frass
Febuary 1997 - January 18, 2010
Sassy was always hiding out somewhere. She would come out to be petted or just to see what everyone was doing at the time. Misty would go check in on her a lot to make sure she was o.k. Sometimes I would even find the two of them sleeping together on the floor. She liked hanging out in my bedroom a lot or even in my bathroom. She was kind of a loner type cat that didn't like being with the other cats in the house. However the other cats would come and visit with her. They would take turns on who was going into see her next. I received the call telling me she had passed away Monday night. So now she will move on with the rest of the crew that has passed onto the Rainbow Bridge.
She will be missed Dearly.