Samantha's Blue Diamond
I am a Blue Afghan Hound. I have been with my Mom here now for about 10 years. Mom, she had me sent to her from Canada when I was about 7 weeks old. I Came all the way over in a semi truck too. When Mom came to pick me up, I sure could tell she needed me right away. There she was, standing there on crutches, so then I learned right away how to walk with her, with her walking on crutches. I would go with her, to help her do her chores all the time. Now I help Mom, here with all the other critters. Midget, when he first came here, he needed help bad, so between Mom and I, we got him back on his feet again. Shaker, I just thought he needed mothering, so I stepped in to help again. Other then that I take, it easy and lay around on the couch or sometimes I find a bed to jump on to.
Sam sure was a True Friend to us all.
She lived a Long Life with us and she sure did alot of things.
She was a Great Mother to everything she touched and believe me she touched alot around here.
It didn't matter to her what it was, a kitten, peacock, goat or just a stray she took them all in under her wing per say.
She also Loved her rides to the Dairy Queen too. She liked going for rides in the back of the pickup truck and would jump in the car to go for a ride too. She Passed away January 4, 2001. She had arthritis so bad that we had to make the decission to have her put down. Was one of the hardest things we had to do here, but we know now she is doing fine and has went to a Place called
The Rainbow Bridge . There we know she is waiting on us to get there so she can show us how well she is doing. Able to run and play and do all the things she use to do when she was a pup.