For Our Loved Ones
This Page was made to Remember All My Loved Ones that will be Greatly Missed.
I also have provided a Link to The Rainbow Bridge for all to Share with others who may have lost a Loved One.
It gives you some comfort as to where our Loved Ones go.
Where we will be able to meet them when it is Time to say Good Bye.
If you Click on the Names below their pictures it will take you to their pages to have a look at some of their past.
When I went back to the site where I found The Rainbow Bridge poem I found alot more there.
And I thought I would Share the Site with you too.
When I read the New Version of it I cried it was something I guess I hadn't thought about before.
We always think of the ones we Loved but what about the ones who didn't have a Loved One to Love.
Click on the Banner below and have a good read and ya might want to have a tissue when ya do too.
May God Bless Them All
This Is A Poem That Was Sent To Me Many Yaers Ago.
Thought It Was A Beautiful Read.