My Best Friend

A friend is someone or thing that cares about you... and Matty was more than your typical dog.
He was a wonder dog.
He had had several people take him home but he never stayed long.
He was spooked the very first day I brought him home too.
He left for 7 days and avoided everyone that was looking for him.

He finally decided that he needed help after trying to eat a porcupine.
He had received over 20 spines embedded inside his mouth,
and while it only takes a couple to kill a dog he survived.
He avoided not only people while he was out but coyotes, birds of prey, and snakes.
And as you can tell his stomach did him in.

He was more than a watchdog around the 40.
He was my alarm clock and constant companion.
He knew I belonged to him and that he had to protect and watch over me.
He did his job as long as I would let him...
I did draw the line at night and would not let him climb up the ladder.
And would make him sleep in his carrier at night.
He was constantly on guard.
Not even a lizard was safe when he would do his patrols around the yard.
And for those that have been to the 40 you know it is lizard central.

Matty had no idea of how small he really was.
He seemed to think that even the horses were suppose to be his friends..
You could walk out by the corral and find him sitting and giving the horses air-kisses...
He tried to get on all the horses good side but they would not share in his effort to be friends.
They might share a drink with him but just couldn't get into the air-kisses (Licking air).
His real partner in crime was another Jack Russel Terrier named Scrappy-Doo.
Who was a blood brother to him.
They kept everyone and everything inline when they were in his area of responsibility.

Passed Away
May 2, 2010