Living Off The Grid
Living off the grid doesn't mean living without...
It normally means that water, electric, and sewer lines are not readily available or at a reasonable price and alternative methods are needed and used. We have opted to use a septic system vice a dehydrating toilet, a solar PV system since APS quoted $60,000.00 per mile.
Our Solar system is in an ever growing status... It currently consist of a 1480 watt solar array which feeds an Outback 60 Amp Charge Controller that manages the charge that goes to the battery bank. The battery bank feeds the inverter changing the power from DC to AC that supplies 240 volt power to the house. Our emergency backup system allows us to use a gas powered generator to provide power straight through the inverter which also provides a charge to the batteries as well as providing power to the house through the normal house wires.
We are currently testing an Air-X – 12 volt wind generator which supplies power to 4 – 6 volt 390 Amp/Hr batteries. This in turn also provides power to the water transfer pump which is part of the emergency backup water system. We just received the wind generator back from the factory after extensive repairs. If the Air-X performs as expected we will be adding a small Air-X 24 volt wind generator to the whole house solar system to help offset the loss of power on cloudy days.

Living off the grid also means that we are required to haul our own water. We currently use two 325 gallon water tanks mounted and plumbed together on a flatbed trailer to handle this task. We fill a 5000 gallon in-ground water tank that supplies water to the house and hydrants located around the property..