My Name is Oklahoma Color Girl, but everyone here calls me Harley.
I came as a Christmas Surprise to my new mom on Christmas morning December 25, 2007. Everyone knew I was coming but her. So when the truck and trailer pulled up in the drive that morning she didn't know what was going on till she came outside and seen me being unloaded out of the trailer, then the tears of joy fell all over the place. Still being in a kinda of shock she thought it was a dream. The first thing she was was to clean me up and make me look better, hadn't had a haircut in a long time so she went right to Don't leave no scissors around my mom she knows how to use them. I got my bridle path cut, ears cleaned out and a muzzle trim boy I look good now. 
If all goes well we will have a baby come this next July of 2009.
I didn't have my baby till June 7, 2010
Her name is
KATs MoonStone Angel
This me again after all Cleaned up July 9,2008