Forever Love
This is a Poem I wrote to Jim this Year for our 3rd Anniversary
Written Nov. 29, 1999
It Was a Love from Long Ago,
Who would of thought,
That I would know.
We'd have a Love so deep and wide,
It's a Love we couldn't hide.
We had our Lessons we had to learn,
Along with the Bridges we had to burn.
It is a Love of over 20 years,
With time gone by with many tears.
The Lord has put us together here,
To close the circle without fear.
Knowing deep down in His Heart,
That we would Never be apart.
He watches over us from way up high,
From underneath the Clear Blue Skies.
And making all our Dreams come true,
He watches out for Me and You.
He gave us a Love that's hard to find,
For he knew it would be of the Lasting Kind.
So Always remember when you sleep,
My Love for you, Always runs deep.
Deep in my Heart You will Always be,
Standing Tall, Just like a Proud Steed.

Written By: Koda
Our Wedding Day
Nov. 30 1996
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