Felix & Gypsy
These are our Breeder Macaws felix and gypsy. We found this pair out in Dallas.
The owners that had them just didn't have time for them no more so we brought them home to keep Kola company. They all got along Great with each other.
We had moved them out side into a large pen that used to belong to my peacocks I used to have.
They sure love the room out there but Gypsy is the only one that knows how to fly so she really enjoys it out there.
One morning when we went out to feed we found that they had both passed away.
We don't know what had happened to them.
Will miss them Greatly,
Specially cause they both were good talkers and Felix well he loved to give kisses all the time and give ya hugs.
Gypsy was always on the shy side and kept to herself but Felix was the Lover of the two.