Fancy That Bottles & Jars
This is the Jar that I had made for Our Wedding.
So if you would be Interested in one Please Email Me
I Only Decorate The Bottles & The Jars
The Sand used for the Wedding Ceremonies can be Purchased at any Craft Store.
The Pennies Well They Come From One Of Your Loved Ones.
The Bottle
If anyone has had A Loved One Die.
Then this Pennies From Heaven Bottle,
Just might Catch Your Eye.
This Bottle here,
Is Not to make you Cry.
But to Help put on a smile,
And sit back and Sigh.
Cause Once you put the Penny in,
You Will FEEL the WARMTH,
Come from Within.

Written By: Koda
January 7, 2004
The First Bottle that I Made was in Memory of My Late Husband.
Then One of My Friends said she would like to have one.
So I Started Making them for Others To Have For Their Own Memories.
There is More Information On The Bottles on My Poems Page Under The Title " The Bottle ".
If Anyone is Interested in One of these Bottles Please E-Mail me at:
Along With The Bottle You Will Recieve a Framed Poem of "The Bottle" to Go With It.
I WILL NOT be making any Bottles or Jars untill after I am all moved.
So They are Temporarily on Hold.
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